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DDQCIII: Data-driven techniques in Operations Research

11-13 November 2024 : DDQC III conference
14 November: Satellite workshop

Eurandom, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The Data-Driven Queueing Challenges conference, DDQC III, will be in-person for the first time over 11-13th November, 2024 at Eurandom in Eindhoven. The first two online conferences were held in 2021 and 2022.

The conference will bring together researchers with backgrounds in operations management, statistics, stochastic modelling, data science and control to discuss contemporary queueing-related challenges.

The increasing availability of empirical data in the operation of large computer networks and in the management of human service systems is creating new opportunities for study in queueing theory. The objective of the conference is to highlight and discuss future directions in data-driven queueing that arise in modelling, monitoring and controlling queues, and in dealing with parameter uncertainty, when there is access to operational data.

On 14 November a satellite workshop will take place. This workshop will be dealing with problems at the interface of statistics, decision & control and complex networks.

Registration is open until 15 October 2024

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