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DDQC 2022: abstracts and recordings

The objective of DDQC 2022 was to highlight and discuss contemporary approaches to the management of service systems, with a focus on data collection, methodological insights, and analysis of decision making. The recordings of the lectures are below. For a full overview of the speakers and abstracts, go to this page

Session 1

Rhonda Righter (University of California, Berkeley) – Robustness in Markov Matching Models

Kuang Xu (Standford University) – Information design for load balancing

Session 2

Amy Ward (The University of Chicago) – Learning the Scheduling Policy in Time-Varying Multiclass Many Server Queues with Abandonment

Adam Wierman (California Institute of Technology) – Learning & Control in Safety-Critical Systems

Tava Olsen (University of Auckland) – Time Is Money: Leadtime Quotation and Pricing in Make-to-order Environments

Session 3

Rouba Ibrahim (University College London) – Size-based scheduling in service systems

Nicolas Gast (INRIA Grenoble) – Restless bandits, weakly coupled MDPs and LP relaxations

Caroline Jagtenberg (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) – Modeling Emergency Medical Service Volunteer Response

Session 4

Harsha Honnappa (Purdue University) – The Sample Complexity of Offline Reinforcement Learning

Victor Araman (American University of Beirut) – Scheduled Traffic with Application to Queues

Session 5

Petar Momcilovic (Texas A&M University) – A Probabilistic Approach to Growth Networks

Christos Zacharias (University of Miami) – Dynamic Interday and Intraday Scheduling

Michael O’Sullivan (The University of Auckland) – Modern Tools for the Management of Healthcare Systems: modelling and AI in a digital future

Session 6

Melanie Reuter-Oppermann (Technical University of Darmstadt) – Recent topics in EMS logistics

Xinyun Chen (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen) – Online Learning and Optimization for Queues with Unknown Demand Curve and Service Distribution

Chung Piaw Teo (National University of Singapore) – Online Flow Control: Theory and Application