2021 Recordings

Session 1

Michel Mandjes (University of Amsterdam): Data-driven Queueing Challenges

Liron Raver (University of Haifa) – Estimating customer impatience for a queueing system with unobserved balking

Neil Walton (University of Manchester) – Learning and Information in Stochastic Networks and Queues: A tutorial

Session 2

Mor Harchol-Balter (Carnegie Mellon University): New Directions in Stochastic Scheduling

Peter Glynn (Stanford University) – Statistics, Stochastics and Queueing

Discussion – Moderated by Sem Borst (TUe)

Session 3

Martin Zubeldia (Georgia Institute of Technology): Learning traffic correlations in multi-class queueing systems by sampling workloads

Darryl Veitch (University of Technology Sydney): Network modelling and measurement: Whence, Where and Whither

Ramesh Johari (Stanford University): Adaptive design of switchback experiments: A Markov chain perspective

Session 4

Avishai Mandelbaum – Resource-Driven Activity Networks (RANs), arising from “Theompirical” Research at the Technion SEELab

Session 4 – talks 2 and 3 recordings are only available to event registrants.

Session 5

Jim Dai (Cornell University and CUHK-Shenzhen): Deep reinforcement learning for stochastic processing networks

Galit Yom-Tov (Technion Israel): The Co-Production of Service: Modeling Service Times in Contact Centers Using Hawkes Processes

Mor Armony (NYU Stern Business): Queue configurations and customer ownership: An analytical and experimental investigation

Session 6

Shane Henderson (Cornell University): Volunteer programs in Emergency Medical Services

Azam Asanjarani (University of Auckland): A survey of parameter and state estimation in queues: A tutorial

Peter Taylor (ACEMS & The University of Melbourne) and Keith Royston (Probegroup): A call centre server allocation problem